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English Coach Marie

I've been inspiring non-natives to use English since 2007. I'm not like other teachers who go on about grammar and blaa blaa blaa. BORING! That's why I call myself a coach. There are a lot of ways you can learn English. You can learn it freely on the internet. A coach will take you a step further. A coach shows you how to use English.
I strongly believe the best way to learn any language is by using it. Making lots mistakes comes as standard. Then you can feel great about making real progress.

Why Do People Choose Me?

10+ years of Helping Others

I've been teaching English as a second language for over 10 years.

Individual Approach

We all learn differently so that's why your lessons will be unique to you.


Learn online or face to face if you are close by :)


I give audio homework that we go over during the following lesson.

Short Lessons

25 minute lessons. Learning is best done in short periods of time. Keep learning fresh and your will retain more of you learn.

I'm a Nice Person

I'm here for YOU! You are the reason behind my smile!

Did You Know...

...the best way to improve your English skills is to start using it for a purpose?

Pricing Table

First 25 Minutes

  • Let's meet!
  • Let's find out if I can help you

The Best

  • 10 x 25 minutes lessons
  • Lessons and homework individually adapted to your needs
  • Homework


  • Coming Soon!
  • Online Courses
  • Complete at you own pace
  • Signup to keep up to date

Here's How

Learn Self-improvement By Using English

Everyone Wants to Improve Themselves

You know that you're not perfect - there is always something you need to work on? Right?

Learn and Practice English You Will Actually Use

Self-improvement is everyday talk. With friends, we constantly talk about the things we should be doing.

Practice Every Skill

Listening, speaking, reading and writing: we cover all of the skills needed to make you an amazing communicator in English!

Study Time

25 minute lesson 1-1 with me :) We use
You complete task on your own in between our lessons.

Example of Lesson Subjects

The Science of Motivation

Let's learn what makes you tick (what makes you want to do something)

Looking Forward to the Future

How letting go of the past can help you move on in life

Make Exercise a Habit 

We all know how important exercise is ... Let's make it a habit you enjoy

Who Am I?


Cyclist, runner, learner of French, lover of life: your coach!

We are many different things to many different people - who are you?